News - MetaMask update makes cryptowallet more secure

By Mike Hesp

MetaMask update makes cryptowallet more secure


The cryptowallet provider urges better protection against phishing attacks with a new software update.

Cryptowallet MetaMask added new privacy features on Thursday 2 February. Among other things, the update aims to better protect online wallets from phishing attacks. The update also now allows users to make settings related to the RPC provider.

In November 2022, the company came under fire. Its parent company ConsenSys had informed MetaMask customers that it would collect users' IP addresses and ETH wallet addresses for every transaction through its RPC provider Infura.

The update now allows wallet holders to switch RPC providers manually. However, MetaMask warns against misinterpreting the update, pointing out that "each RPC gets the IP address and Ethereum wallet to perform transactions."

David Schwed, COO of blockchain security firm Halborn, described MetaMask's new settings as "positive". However, to news portal Decrypt, he added: "The change does not make it possible to stop collecting IP addresses, they just make it possible to use a different RPC provider to send transactions."

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