News - Michael Saylor: "I'll even buy Bitcoin for US$950,000"

By Luc Vesters

Michael Saylor: "I'll even buy Bitcoin for US$950,000"

Thousands of visitors, one message: "Bitcoin is perfect money." BTC bull Michael Saylor spoke at BTC Prague about his favorite topic. He presented his 21 rules for digital gold to the audience.

"Bitcoin is a paradigm shift," Saylor proclaimed. The moment when "science merges with economics," just as "medicine once merged with science" and "we realized that diseases are not caused by demons." Bitcoin ushers in a "new era of economic understanding." It will "forever change our political and financial system" and the "way we think about the world."

"Everyone is buying Bitcoin, at the price they deserve," Saylor says. He is referring to the moment he first discovered Bitcoin, in 2013. He then disdainfully tweeted, "Bitcoin's days are numbered." The price at the time: 892 U.S. dollars. "A big mistake." Michael Saylor bought his first Bitcoin seven years later for about $9,000. "I paid the price I deserved."

He continues, "I will also buy Bitcoin at US$950,000. Then when it's at US$750,000, some whiner on TV will say it's overheated and overbought. They will miss it. They'll buy it at eight million US dollars. And they too will get Bitcoin at the price they deserve."

Bitcoin is the only thing in the world that "you can really own." Everything else you own because someone else allows you to, the mayor, the state, a company: "You think you own it, but it can be taken away from you at any time. Through taxes, regulations or just the passage of time."

A surprising statement: "Be for bitcoin, but don't be against fiat," Saylor said. "We are for one thing that is beautiful and elegant and inspiring, we don't have to be against the other thing."

MicroStrategy, the company founded by Saylor, currently holds 214,400 BTC. The company recently announced new debt worth US$500 million to buy more Bitcoin.

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