News - Michael Saylor wants to buy Bitcoin forever

By Mike Hesp

Michael Saylor wants to buy Bitcoin forever

Bitcoin selling is out of the question for Michael Saylor, even though his company's BTC holdings have MicroStrategy now a profit of more than four billion US dollars. In total MicroStrategy holds as much as 190,000 Bitcoin.

"I will always buy at the top. Bitcoin is the exit strategy," Saylor said yesterday, Feb. 20, in a interview with Bloomberg, when asked when his company would actually sell its BTC.

Based on his optimistic outlook, Saylor explained that the cryptocurrency is superior to gold, the S&P500 and real estate, although each of these asset classes currently still has a much larger market capitalization. For Saylor, even new all-time highs are no reason for portfolio diversification: "Bitcoin is technically superior to these asset classes. And because this is the case, there is simply no reason to sell the winners and buy the losers."

He also dismissed concerns that Bitcoin ETFs would make it more difficult for MicroStrategy to increase its BTC holdings. He emphasized his company's leverage strategy. The spot ETFs would not be competition, but simply opened the gates for institutional capital to flow into the Bitcoin ecosystem. "This is a rising tide. It will lift all boats," he summarized.

With the market capitalization rising along with the BTC price, MicroStrategy could soon be included in the S&P500. This would indirectly bring Bitcoin into every major investor's portfolio.

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