News - MicroStrategy continues to replenish Bitcoin positions

By Mike Hesp

MicroStrategy continues to replenish Bitcoin positions

Bitcoin (BTC)

MicroStrategy has done it again. Michael Saylor's company is buying Bitcoin again and publishing its latest quarterly results.

MicroStrategy has more Bitcoin purchased. The founder of the business intelligence company, Michael Saylor, explained this on X (formerly Twitter).

In total, the US company replenished its holdings with 850 BTC for $37.2 million.

With the latest investment, MicroStrategy now owns 190,000 BTC ($5.93 billion), defending its pole position among publicly traded companies. The average price paid per Bitcoin was $31,224.

At the same time, MicroStrategy published its report on the past fourth quarter.

Compared to last year, revenue increased 23 percent thanks to the company's subscription model. Overall, however, MicroStrategy posted a 6 percent decline in revenue.

MicroStrategy (MSTR) shares are currently trading 1.5 percent higher at $498. In the past year, the share price has risen 75 percent. For the company, the stock is an important means of funding Bitcoin purchases. Shares of the company are being sold To finance investment in BTC.

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