News - MicroStrategy launches decentralized ID solution

By Mike Hesp

MicroStrategy launches decentralized ID solution

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Buying more than just BTC is the new motto at MicroStrategy. Michael Saylor's Bitcoin development company is planning a new ID solution.

News from the "Bitcoin-development company": MicroStrategy wants to introduce a decentralized identity solution into the Bitcoin network. Inscriptions based on ordinal values should be used to store and retrieve information.

Michael Saylor's company was in the news recently for once again increasing its Bitcoin holdings. As a result, MicroStrategy now owns as much as 214,400 BTC.

Saylor itself presented the new ID solution called "MicroStrategy Orange" on May 1 during the "Bitcoin For Corporations" conference organized by his company.

The idea behind it? MicroStrategy Orange is designed to store and retrieve users' personal data by using UTXOs on the Bitcoin blockchain, explained an insider from.

One application MicroStrategy has already launched is "Orange For Outlook," which integrates digital signatures into emails. This allows recipients to verify the true identity of the sender.

According to Saylor, the new decentralized ID solution will be based on open source software. In addition, MicroStrategy Orange does not rely on sidechains and can handle up to 10,000 decentralized identifiers in a single Bitcoin.

The decentralized identifiers (DIDs) would enable pseudonymity, just as real identities are not tied to Bitcoin addresses and transactions.

It remains to be seen exactly when MicroStrategy will launch the new ID project.

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