News - Musk mocks NFTs, Saylor stays Saylor and CZ plays Dracula

By Mike Hesp

Musk mocks NFTs, Saylor stays Saylor and CZ plays Dracula

Elon Musk criticizes NFTs, Michael Saylor desires even more Bitcoin, and Changpeng Zhao gets a role on Sesame Street - last week's most notable tweets.

Lovers of NFTs must have thick skin, as there is no shortage of jokes about little manga kittens, absurd memes and AI-generated profile pictures sold as tokens. And now Elon Musk joins the mocking crowd. Technological innovation and a reward system for Web3 artists? Not according to the SpaceX boss. During his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, the entrepreneur makes fun of NFTs and seems to be embracing the Bitcoin community. But how so?

"The funny thing is that an NFT isn't even on the blockchain; it's just a URL to a JPEG," it echoed sharply. This gets to the heart of the matter even more than the sloppy wig Joe Rogan wore in the Halloween podcast. The amateur astronaut highlighted a common criticism: "Not your server, not your NFT," or in Musk's words, "If the company storing the image goes out of business, you lose the image." He advises, "You should at least embed the JPEG in the blockchain." This plays into the hands of Bitcoin NFT's supporters, who do exactly that: anchor files in the blockchain. The question remains, however, whether Musk's criticism, which often gets caught up in wild conspiracy theories during the podcast, should be taken seriously.

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin devourer

Can there be such a thing as too much Bitcoin? A rhetorical question, of course not. You'd expect that from Michael Saylor, the Batman of the Bitcoin community. In an interview on CNBC TV, when asked about Microstrategy's steadily growing Bitcoin portfolio, the entrepreneur nonchalantly replied, "You can never have too much Bitcoin." The 158,000 Bitcoins currently owned by Microstrategy seem far from enough for the 58-year-old. But wait a minute, 158,000 Bitcoins and 58 years old - where's my aluminum hat?

He reiterated the usual views: bullish on the long term, bullish on the halving, and excited about the arrival of a Bitcoin ETF in early January, as he expects. Saylor called for more Wall Street involvement in the crypto industry, despite Bitcoin's still questionable image among many investors.

Secret messages from Changpeng Zhao

Better late than never, but we're not sure if the party - one day after Halloween - was still in full swing when Changpeng Zhao pulled out his Dracula cape. All we know is that he looked somewhat like Count Dracula with his hand-signing "four fingers up" pose. A fitting outfit for the billionaire and CEO of the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance. But what is he trying to tell us with this anti-thumb-up gesture? Secret messages? See, this is what my hand looks like without a thumb?

It doesn't. The number four seems to be something of a mantra for Changpeng Zhao. In early January, the CEO shared his New Year's resolutions, the fourth of which read, "Ignore FUD, fake news, attacks, etc." Whenever he incorporates the number four in a message or, as in the photo, raises four fingers to the camera, he means as much - or as little - as "hooray." This peculiar habit has even received a mention in the Binance Academy. Nevertheless, the photo seems to have qualified him for a guest appearance on Sesame Street.

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