News - New Ripple research: the future of tokenization

By Ted Maas

New Ripple research: the future of tokenization

Ripple Labs recently published research that dives deeper into the potential of tokenization and driving global innovation.

Key findings: The report highlights a significant shift in the mindset of financial institutions, with an astonishing 63% indicating they are very interested in using tokenization as a catalyst for innovation in the next three years.

In addition, the survey asked which assets would benefit most from tokenization. Online securtiy and data protection tools emerged as frontrunners, attracting the attention of 63% of respondents. Equities, a key component of the financial domain, also received significant interest at 50%.

The impact of tokenization offers multiple use cases, according to the study. For financial institutions, the appeal is particularly strong, with a remarkable 82% considering tokenization for both public equity trading and private equity trading. Enterprises, on the other hand, feel more "experiential," with 67% interested in tokenization for the metaverse and 51% for access to unique events.

The report further reveals a range of tangible benefits that tokenization brings. From infinite access to all markets, enabling transactions 24 hours a day, to increased financial flexibility. Enhanced security and privacy mechanisms inherent in tokenization will increase trust in transactions, while efficiency and automation will streamline operations and improve overall productivity.

As tokenization gains traction, the report focuses the spotlight on the impending surge in digital asset adoption. An overwhelming 80% or more of global financial leaders plan to integrate cryptocurrencies, CBDCs and stablecoins over the next three years. In particular, cryptocurrencies are emerging as the preferred tools to meet business needs, surpassing traditional currencies, CBDCs and stablecoins in terms of trust and potency.

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