News - Northstake gets important role in Polygon network

By Sam Fröling

Northstake gets important role in Polygon network

Polygon (MATIC)
Northstake gets important role, in Polygon network

The Denmark-based company supports the Polygon blockchain as a validator. In this way, Northstake aims to offer stakingservices to its institutional customers.

Northstake, a regulated provider of virtual asset services, will become a validator for the Polygon blockchain. This is according to a press release. With this, the company will help secure and verify the blockchain and enable its institutional clients to bet on the network. "This is the latest step in Northstake's vision to offer secure and compliant deployment services to institutional investors looking to take advantage of the rapidly growing digital asset space," said Jesper Johansen, CEO of Northstake.

A start has already been made

At the time of writing, Northstake has already deployed 378,083 MATIC - the equivalent of US$280,000. Polygon enables fast and cost-effective transactions based on the Ethereum blockchain. Deutsche Telekom also supports Proof of Stake as a validator.

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