News - OneCoin: Ex-security chief flees house arrest ahead of trial

By Mike Hesp

OneCoin: Ex-security chief flees house arrest ahead of trial

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Frank Schneider helped the crypto-queen escape. Now he is in hiding for his trial. Did the authorities in Luxembourg help him?

He was the head of security at the "cryptocurrency" and once helped the most wanted criminal escape. Now Frank Schneider is in hiding himself. This reports the British BBC. He was facing trial in the U.S. - and up to 40 years in prison. Several theories are circulating about his whereabouts. Some traces lead to the United States, others to Luxembourg or even Dubai.

Frank Schneider was arrested by French authorities two years ago in a spectacular operation. Since then, he has been under house arrest at his country home in the northeast of the country. The French had signed his extradition request to the Americans on Feb. 15, 2023. The ex-spy reportedly stripped himself of his ankle bracelet. Even close relatives know nothing about his whereabouts.

How he helped the cryptocurrency queen escape

According to an insider in the Luxembourg daily, Schneider is "in the safe hands of another justice system." One supposition: the Luxembourg authorities bailed him out. Conservative parties in particular wanted to prevent his extradition. It is only a 30-minute drive from his home to his home.

Other theories: Schneider, like other ex-OneCoiners, made a deal with the U.S. and is now under house arrest there. Another possibility is that he has found shelter in Israel or Britain through old contacts in the Secret Service. Or he has gone into hiding in Dubai, a "safe haven" for criminals.

Frank Schneider was an advisor and head of security for the billion-dollar OneCoin scam. According to rumors, he gave Ruja Ignatova the decisive tips for her escape. In one of his many press interviews, he said he had had Ruja Ignatova on the phone on the night of Oct. 25, 2017. She was being taken by men across the Green Border back to Bulgaria, she told him. During the night, she sent a text message, "Safe home." Her last sign of life.

OneCoin considered the scam of the century

OneCoin is considered one of the greatest crypto scams of all time. Loose parties in Bulgaria and London. Rooms full of cash, private spies and scammed customers, all over the world. Europol and the FBI placed founder Ruja Ignatova on their June 2022 lists of the world's most wanted criminals, alongside serial killers, terrorists and drug cartel bosses. Investigations into OneCoin are ongoing in numerous countries.

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