News - Optimism launches third airdrop

By Ted Maas

Optimism launches third airdrop

About 31,000 different wallets will receive the next OP airdrop of the Layer 2 solution. These wallet users are the lucky ones to receive the airdrop.

Optimism announced on X that they have launched a third airdrop of the OP token. According to the announcement, the team sent more than 19 million OP to about 32,000 wallets on Sept. 18. As with the second airdrop, the project rewards people who participate in the Optimism ecosystem's governance program.

Users who delegated their voting rights through governance between Jan. 20 and July 20, 2023 were eligible. There was a bonus for those who actually actively participated in voting rounds. More information can be found in Optimism's documents.

During the airdrop, the OP team simultaneously warned about fraudsters. The tokens were transferred directly to the wallets of qualified users. There will be no separate action page, the team said. For users who missed the airdrop, there is view the further plan. For example, the team pointed to the 19 percent of the OP total yet to be released. These, too, are for people who are active participants in the governance program. So joining the OP ecosystem with your Optimism tokens may still be worthwhile.

Optimism is one of Ethereum's most popular Layer 2 networks. In addition, more and more projects are using the OP stack, the team's modular scaling technology.

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