News - Osmium-ART wants to auction violin for US$6.32 million

By Luc Vesters

Osmium-ART wants to auction violin for US$6.32 million

It took nearly three years to create the "world's most expensive modern violin." The "Osmium Violin" has now been officially released for auction. This is stated in a press release.

The violin is offered with a digital twin on the blockchain as an NFT, certifying its authenticity and ownership. This is made possible by the NFT technology of OwnerChip, Osmium-ART's collaboration partner.

The starting bid is USD 6.32 million and can be auctioned through the NFT marketplace Rarible. The sale takes place via the Polygon blockchain. Thus, the violin can also be purchased in MATIC. So far, neither the violin nor the NFT has been bid on.

The violin was designed and finished by renowned violin maker Edgar Russ. The instrument is inlaid with the precious metal osmium and 298 precious stones.

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