News - Pepe: Memecoin investor becomes multimillionaire with $462

By Mike Hesp

Pepe: Memecoin investor becomes multimillionaire with $462

Pepe (PEPE)

A Pepe investor turned $462 into more than $3 million - the key to success? Patience.

Those who yesterday in Pepe invested, can boast a daily gain of about 9 percent today - making the frog mecoin among the daily winners in the crypto market. But patience pays off in the crypto market. For example, a trader with the address 0x6D5694dAC7Bb3247AC33eEAF273C4DE7b6ea30Cc was able to sell his Pepe investment from the past year at a significant profit: from $462 he made $3.4 million, as data from Etherscan confirm.

As early as April 15 last year, he bought a whopping 324.9 billion tokens of memecoin for 0.22 ETH, less than $500 at the time. In the following July 2023, although he sold 42 billion Pepe, he kept quiet after that. Until May 4 this year, when he sold 100 billion tokens. On May 21, he sold the remaining 182.9 billion. He moved both tranches to Binance, presumably to sell them.

This allowed the patient memecoin investor, whose true identity remains unknown, to pull in a 7,368-fold profit. Recently, an investor in the popular dog memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB) had been able to increase his position by 419-fold after a three-year holding period: from $2,625 became $1.1 million.

That one can also reach the first million much faster with memecoin trading shows this case to. With success stories of this nature, however, it should be noted that trading memecoins carries enormous risks, which in the worst case could lead to a complete loss.

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