News - Police seize 21 Bitcoin from Andrew Tate

By Luc Vesters

Police seize 21 Bitcoin from Andrew Tate

The charges are human trafficking, rape and setting up a criminal organization. Charges against Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan and two other Romanian citizens have been finalized, according to a press release from the Romanian Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutors charge the defendants with a range of crimes. These include exploitation, threats, repeated rape and human trafficking. The defendants risk up to 13 years in prison. In addition, prosecutors are asking for the seizure of assets, including 21 BTC. These are said to be held on an undisclosed exchange.

The suspects are currently under house arrest. If the court grants the prosecutor's request, they will remain so for the time being. Authorities are aware of seven alleged victims. Andrew Tate has both American and British citizenship. The former combat athlete gained notoriety mainly for his misogynistic and chauvinistic statements.

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