News - Hong Kong regulator welcomes Coinbase to the country

By Mike Hesp

Hong Kong regulator welcomes Coinbase to the country

While the SEC seems intent on getting rid of the domestic crypto exchange, new doors may be opening elsewhere for Coinbase.

A representative of Hong Kong's financial regulators told the U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase invited to come to the country and register as an approved trading platform. This is according to a tweet from a council member.

According to the tweet, "global trading platforms for virtual assets, including Coinbase" are welcome.

The regulator's statements follow a complaint filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against the U.S.-based crypto exchange. As regulations in the U.S. become more uncertain, Coinbase is actively expanding internationally.

The exchange could benefit from the fact that the Hong Kong Special Economic Zone has recently shown it is open to crypto trading platforms.

Regulated trading in digital assets has been possible there again since June 1. The crypto exchanges OKX and Huobi have already applied for trading licenses.

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