News - "Ripple 2.0": XRP20 reaches $1.5 million in presales

By Luc Vesters

"Ripple 2.0": XRP20 reaches $1.5 million in presales

Ripple (XRP)

Disclaimer: Memecoins are often very volatile, so be careful when trading memecoins.

In just a few days, XRP20 has now raised more than $1.5 million. So the targeted soft cap of $1.85 million should be reached in the near future. An XRP20 token costs $0.000092 in pre-orders. There are no price increases, so any investor can invest fairly in XRP20 at the same price, provided the independent due diligence shows a well-supported investment case.

What is XRP20?

XRP20 was created in solidarity with the latest trend in the crypto market, which is to give people who missed out on successful legacy tokens a second chance. XRP rose from $0.0028 in 2014 to $3.84 in 2018, a 137.100% increase from lowest to highest price. We hope to offer a similar opportunity today with XRP20.

Here's how the XRP20 team describes the crypto project. XRP20 alludes to a current trend in which "2.0 cryptos" are in demand - for example, PEPE2.0 or SHIB2.0. XRP20 now wants to capitalize on this momentum and, as an ERC-20 token, relies on a stake-to-earn concept. The team explicitly states on its website that there is, of course, no connection to XRP and Ripple Labs. This is common in this regard, as the other "2.0 cryptos" also simply benefit from associations with the naming.

Furthermore, XRP20 aims to go one step further and also offer the opportunity for passive income with the strike concept. The launch on Ethereum's blockchain was intentional to give investors access to the largest and most reputable ecosystem that facilitates the trading and safekeeping of ERC20 tokens.

The fundamentals: 40% presales, 40% strike rewards

Especially with new pre-sales of crypto tokens, a look at the tokenomics is also necessary, as this decides the distribution of the XRP20 tokens. 40% of the tokens will initially be offered for pre-sale, while an equal amount will be reserved for strike. The remaining 20% will be distributed equally to ensure sufficient DEX liquidity for smooth trading on the one hand and to achieve a deflationary effect with the burning of tokens on the other. The supply scarcity occurs because each transaction is subject to a 0.1% burning fee to continuously reduce the circulating supply.

The fundamentals look positive. There is no unfair allocation of tokens to the team, while at the same time avoiding significant dilution. Thanks to liquidity, price inefficiencies should decrease after the start of public trading.

XRP20: Awareness demand increase

XRP20 approaches soft cap in pre-sale. As a hard cap, the team priced $3.68 million. For new cryptocurrencies, increasing awareness is a necessary condition to stimulate demand and generate sustainable development in the medium term. In this regard, it is noteworthy that XRP20 is also present on social networks.

Whether XRP20 can benefit from the trend of "2.0 cryptos" in public trading remains to be seen. The fundamentals, strike concept and deflationary effect should play an important role in an investment.

Disclaimer: Memecoins are often very volatile, so be careful when trading memecoins.

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