News - Ripple's CTO reveals new phishing scam on X platform

By Mike Hesp

Ripple's CTO reveals new phishing scam on X platform

Ripple (XRP)
Scams, crime and fraud

A top Ripple official has issued a crucial warning to the XRP community about a new phishing scam on the X platform.

David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ripple has shared a tweet from X user @3YearLetterman, showing a screenshot of a direct message last received on X. Schwartz warned the XRP community that if anyone receives such a message, "it's fake." The sender of the message claims to be a member of the X support team and reports that the recipient's account is "under investigation for copyright violations." The recipient is asked to respond to this accusation within 24 hours by following a link in the message and filling out a form. Failure to do so within the specified time will result in the X account being suspended.

The screenshot shows that the sender has a following of more than 210,000 followers and that he joined X in December 2010, well before Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter and subsequent name change to X. Schwartz advised his followers to be careful not to click on a similar link if they receive a similar message. He explained that the link leads to a phishing site where users can lose their X login credentials and personal information.

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