News - Ripple vs Cardano - Hoskinson seeks quarrel with Ripple community.

By Ted Maas

Ripple vs Cardano - Hoskinson seeks quarrel with Ripple community.

Ripple vs Cardano – Hoskinson zoekt ruzie met Ripple community.

In a recent development within the crypto world, Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano (ADA), clashed with members of the Ripple community.

This followed an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on his YouTube channel, in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC).

Members of the XRP community accused Hoskinson of hypocrisy. One user, identified as Mr. Huber, accused Hoskinson of ridiculing the XRP community and pointed to videos in which Hoskinson criticized XRP.

Mr. Huber claimed on the platform X (formerly Twitter) that Hoskinson publicly mocked Ripple fans for two years. Despite Hoskinson's attempts to make peace, he continued to label the XRP community as "crazy conspiracy thinkers," according to Huber, which generated much anger. Huber also accused Hoskinson of downplaying corruption surrounding Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin.

Hoskinson responded by denying the allegations. He stated that he was not involved in defamation against Lubin and that the SEC did not accuse Lubin of bribery. He emphasized the lack of evidence for the allegations that ConsenSys (the company behind Ethereum) bribed the SEC to investigate XRP. Hoskinson reiterated that the harassment from the XRP community was unfounded. This situation revives old tensions between Hoskinson and the XRP community. Hoskinson stated in December 2022 that he did not want to talk about Ripple's blockchain business and the XRP token because of previous allegations of bias.

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