News - Russian malware targets crypto wallets

By Mike Hesp

Russian malware targets crypto wallets

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The Russian malware "Infamous Chisel" is currently making the rounds. The Trojan is said to also tap crypto data from wallets and exchanges.

Intelligence agencies from the US and Britain are warning of Russian malware specifically targeting Android smartphones. This is stated in a joint report of the authorities.

The "Infamous Chisel" provides access to infected devices, which monitors messaging and siphons data at regular intervals.

The stolen data also included information about crypto wallets and exchange accounts. Affected are reportedly: Binance, Coinbase, PayPal and Trust Wallet.

Sandworm, a hacker group of the Russian intelligence agency GRU, is said to be behind the attacks. The main target of the malware, "Infamous Chisel," is currently Android devices belonging to the Ukrainian military.

The technical design is not particularly complex, the intelligence agencies state in their report. The malware takes hardly any steps to disguise its activities. Experts attribute this to the fact that most Android devices do not have built-in detection systems.

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