News - SafePal and Klaytn Foundation unveil limited edition co-branded phygital hardware wallet

By Sam Fröling

SafePal and Klaytn Foundation unveil limited edition co-branded phygital hardware wallet

SafePal and Klaytn Foundation unveil, limited edition co-branded phygital hardware wallet

SafePal unveils a limited edition phygital wallet initiative with Klaytn Foundation with which they will focus on a global layer-1 blockchain platform.

The initiative comes strategically amid the resurgent interest in combining physical experiences with digital collectibles and will be announced at the start of Korea Blockchain Week and physically unveiled during Klaytn Square Lounge (KSL), Klaytn's 3-day event starting Sept. 4, located at the iconic SJ Kunsthalle in Gangnam, Seoul.

300 co-branded S1 hardware

Exclusively produced in a collection of 300 co-branded S1 hardware wallets with accompanying uniquely numbered NFTs, the limited edition design represents the vibrancy of the Klaytn ecosystem. In doing so, it reaffirms the mutual commitment with SafePal to improving crypto security and user experiences in Web3.

Veronica Wong, CEO and co-founder of SafePal informed: "Providing secure, accessible and affordable non-custodial products and services has always been our top priority in serving Web3 adoption. We are excited to provide Klaytn users with a unique memory on-chain and utility in the physical world through the enhanced security of cold storage for assets."

The limited edition wallets are priced identically to the standard S1 at $49.99 USD, with the added bonus of free worldwide standard shipping. These wallets are available through SafePal's official distribution channels until all 300 wallets are sold. Each wallet comes with a unique code that allows the owner to redeem and store the corresponding NFT via the SafePal App on the Klaytn network.

Sam Seo, Representative Director of the Klaytn Foundation informed:"We believe that the on-chain and physical worlds will become increasingly intertwined. As multiple RWA projects launch on Klaytn, this limited edition phygital wallet acts as a collectible that marks the beginning of this merging of worlds and as a secure gateway into the Klaytn ecosystem."

Users will be able to purchase the specially designed wallets with KLAY (the native governance token that powers the Klaytn ecosystem), adding even more utility to digital assets as part of the collaboration between SafePal and Klaytn announced earlier in May to globalize Web3 and DeFi adoption.

Safepal adds emerging networks

As part of other efforts to support Web3 adoption, SafePal also recently added emerging networks such as Base, Mantle and Linea to the more than 100 supported blockchains in its arsenal.

The blockchain-agnostic wallet suite also not long ago introduced the S1 Pro (the first addition to its flagship S1 wallet line since its inception) and is also nearing completion of the open-sourcing of its solutions, which should be ready by early 2024.

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