News - Sam Altman's Worldcoin opens app store

By Ted Maas

Sam Altman's Worldcoin opens app store

Het cryptoproject Worldcoin heeft een aantal upgrades aangekondigd voor de 2.0 versie. Met onder andere app store-aansluitingen voor Reddit, Discord en Telegram.

The cryptoproject Worldcoin has announced a number of upgrades for its 2.0 version. These include app store connections for Reddit, Discord and Telegram.

Among other things, World ID 2.0 will open an app store for Worldcoin applications. There will also be new connectivity and authentication options for online accounts with World ID. For example, Worldcoin is introducing a blue checkmark, similar to its Twitter successor Platform X. The company also announced app integrations for Reddit, Discord, Minecraft, Shopify, Mercado Libre and Telegram. These can be accessed through the Worldcoin App Store. The new developer platform ID Kit is set up for the development of such apps.

Worldcoin is also introducing its trademarked biometric data capture for apps. Using World ID "apps may soon require facial authentication," the company says. This is "similar to unlocking your phone with your own face and ensures that only the person to whom the World ID is issued can use it for the action in question." World ID 2.0 includes a total of six upgrades. The first of these, including apps, the Worldcoin App Store and Device Signal, have already been activated. The rest will follow in the coming months.

The cryptoproject Worldcoin, co-founded by Sam Altman, was launched early this year. In addition to the World ID, a token of the same name was launched. The project uses iris scanners, also known as orbs, to collect biometric data worldwide. It has since come under fire from data protection organizations.

The new announcements left Worldcoin's price cold. On a daily basis, WLD fell, but on a weekly basis there was a slight increase of about four percent.

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