News - Samson Mow: How Bitcoin soars to one million dollars

By Mike Hesp

Samson Mow: How Bitcoin soars to one million dollars

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There hasn't been a moonshot like this in a long time: influencer Samson Mow sees Bitcoin reaching one million dollars. All it takes: the ETF.

Mad Money: The title of Jim Cramer's investment program says it all. Fast cuts, restless camera work, guitar riffs in the background, flashes everywhere - Cramer doesn't pretend to be serious.

It's a similar story with his investment advice. There are so many examples of missteps that asset manager Tuttle Capital Management launched an Inverse Cramer ETF in March 2023. In other words, an actively managed index fund based on Jim Cramer's recommendations - but inverted. This means that securities recommended by Cramer are consistently shorted - and vice versa.

The Bitcoin community has a special relationship with Cramer anyway. Indeed, the financial guru is no friend of Bitcoin. In his last program, however, he expressed positive to neutral views on BTC.

"If you like Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin," he replied to a listener inquiring about Cramer's opinion of the BTC miner Clean Spark.

In 2021, the CNBC presenter sold all his BTC for ETH. However, after his bank refused to hold his ether, he also sold this crypto position.

Is Cramer's neutral stance on mining stocks now a BTC buy or sell signal? Unclear.

SBF pays cutting prison with mackerel

Cigarettes, instant noodles - mackerel? The history of prison currency is diffuse. But one person particularly familiar with (fake) money is recently convicted crypto fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried.

The former boss of the bankrupt FTX exchange reportedly had his infamous mane trimmed by a fellow inmate. SBF allegedly paid for the close-up service not with FTT or BTC, but in kind: Mackerel.

It is not known how many cans the ex-millionaire had to pay.

Samson Mow: a million dollars within a few days

It's not news that Bitcoin Space attracts moonbats. Nor is it news that exorbitant price predictions do well on social media. Still, a little modesty wouldn't hurt crypto influencers. Especially when it comes to respectable personalities like Samson Mow.

The architect of Salvadoran Bitcoin bonds is seriously counting on facing his community on the X platform that the Bitcoin spot ETF to a million dollars.

To put this into perspective, a Bitcoin price of one million dollars implies a market capitalization of $19.5 trillion - that's twice as much as the gold market and over four trillion dollars more than the EU's gross domestic product. So it is possible, but not obvious.

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