News - Shibarium bridge to Ethereum back online

By Mike Hesp

Shibarium bridge to Ethereum back online

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

A network overload shut down the bridge nearly two weeks ago. As a result, the launch of Shibarium failed. Now the error has been fixed.

Almost two weeks after the failed launch of the Shiba Inu Layer 2 project "Shibarium", payouts from the network are possible again. This is the result of a update by developer Shytoshi Kusama.

According to the update, several cryptocurrencies, including SHIB, LEASH and WETH, can be paid out again. The process reportedly takes between 45 minutes and four hours.

Because of a stalled transaction on the Ethereum bridge, about US$1.7 million worth of ETH was previously blocked. For many, the Layer 2 network was unusable for a long time as a result.

Shibarium actually promises better scalability, faster transaction times, lower costs and a more comprehensive development framework.

Even after the latest update, the question remains whether Shiba Inu's network will win out over other Ethereum scaling solutions, such as Arbitrum, Optimism or ZKSync.

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