News - Shibarium: Excellent news creates positive reactions

By Mike Hesp

Shibarium: Excellent news creates positive reactions

The Shib Army, the community of Shiba Inu, has responded enthusiastically to the latest developments surrounding Shibarium.

The passionate team behind Shiba Inu proudly shares that the platform is currently already running smoothly and only needs to be brought out into the open.

The team behind Ethereum-based layer-2 network Shibarium has announced that the platform is working extremely well and ready to go public. It successfully passed the two-day testing period and is about to make itself available to the public.

Recently, the Shibarium team in a blog post assured that all funds are safe and that users can look forward to a whole new experience once the platform becomes accessible to all. Those who have already experienced the benefits of this update are now celebrating as bridged BONE tokens make their appearance.

The community of Shiba Inu, better known as the Shib Army, has positively responded on X, formerly known as Twitter, in response to this promising development. The Shibarium team has expressed their satisfaction with the progress, stating that after extensive testing and parameter adjustments, the network is now in a "ready-to-run" state. Although the testing phase is still ongoing, the team enthusiastically reported that the blocks are being generated consistently and without any hiccups.

Recent updates include a series of additional security measures and the implementation of an advanced monitoring system. These improvements include introducing remote procedure call (RPC) level speed limits, as well as an automated server reset mechanism. All of this is intended to minimize potential problems caused by sudden traffic spikes and ensure a stable and reliable experience for users.

Closely related, the Shibarium network managed to attract significant attention during its testing phase, with millions of wallets conducting more than 22 million transactions over four months. Although the initial launch presented some challenges, including an overwhelming increase in activity that the network temporarily overloaded and resulted in a temporary halt of transactions for several hours, the developers have addressed these issues with determination.

After careful investigation, the developers identified that the server overload was caused by an unexpected spike in transaction volume. With these challenges in mind, the network team now has strong confidence in a successful relaunch, underscoring that the initial hurdles have been overcome and the way forward is promising.

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