News - Soccer legend Ronaldinho misses crypto-scam hearing

By Ted Maas

Soccer legend Ronaldinho misses crypto-scam hearing

Voetballegende Ronaldinho mist hoorzitting crypto-scam

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho failed to appear at a hearing linking him to an alleged crypto-scam. A prison sentence now hangs over his head. This reports

Before a committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, the former world champion had to explain his role in the fraudulent companies "18kRonaldinho" and "LBLV." Ronaldinho may have acted as an ambassador for the two companies, which lured euphoric investors and fans into a pyramid scheme. In return, the soccer legend would have sold his naming rights and promoted the companies, the report said.

The Brazilian superstar could face jail time if he does not show up, one of the deputies said. According to the report, a court order would force the sports legend to appear. However, both the former soccer player's lawyers and his brother, who appeared at the hearing, deny Ronaldinho's involvement. For example, he himself was a victim of the fraud and had never released his naming rights, they say. So far, however, the Brazilian has not personally responded to the allegations.

In the past, Ronaldinho has been involved in several crypto projects, including Soccer Coin and P00ls. In the latter project, the two-time "FIFA Player of the Year" even created his own coin $RON.

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