News - Solana currently the most widely used blockchain in the world

By Ted Maas

Solana currently the most widely used blockchain in the world

No blockchain has more active addresses than Solana - not even Ethereum. Meanwhile, the SOL stock price struggles with sell-offs.

The hype around Solana has reached a new high. The number of active addresses has crossed the two million mark. According to data from Artemis Terminal, Solana currently has 2.4 million active addresses. It is followed by Near Protocol with 1.3 million. Ethereum has only 455,000 active addresses.

Active addresses are those that receive or perform transactions. Recently, the number of daily transactions for Solana exceeded 23 million. For Ethereum, it is currently just over one million. Solana has also surpassed Ethereum in terms of trading volume on decentralized exchanges (DEX) with US$3.6 billion.

The Solana ecosystem is currently benefiting from several memecoins that are driving trading activity on the blockchain. In addition to the cryptocurrency Bonk, "Dogwifhat" has been generating high returns recently. All important price targets for memecoin in today's price analysis. On the NFT marketplace Foundation, a picture of the dog "Dogwifhat" was sold as NFT for the equivalent of 4.3 million USD.

Meanwhile, the company's own DeFi ecosystem continues to grow rapidly. According to Dapp Radar, total locked value has increased about 15 percent over the past seven days. The volume of dApps at Solana is up 37 percent from the previous week. However, Solana's share price performance has been tempered by today's sell-offs in the crypto market.

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