News - Solana sees explosive growth in trade volume and developers

By Sam Fröling

Solana sees explosive growth in trade volume and developers

Solana sees explosive growth, in trade volume and developers

Solana has recently made significant jumps in trading volume and developer activity. The SOL price has increased by double digits.

Solana seems to be becoming increasingly attractive to developers. As the Solana Foundation announced, the network now has "more than 2,500 monthly active developers". Despite the relatively short period (the beta version of the mainnet went online in March 2020), the "developer ecosystem grown to be the second largest ecosystem looking at monthly active developers".

Hackathon scene attracts developers

In particular, many developers from the hackathon scene have joined the Solana ecosystem. Solana also has the "onboarding process for developers" improved through "bootcamps". According to the Solana Foundation, the network benefits from this development: "A consistent number of developers is an important indicator of a healthy ecosystem, because it shows that the ecosystem is able to attract and retain new talent.".

Trading volume has also increased recently, as data from TheBlock shows. Compared to the previous month, the value is up by more than 300 percent increased. Solana is up 11 percent on the day. The SOL stock price currently stands at about US$100.

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