News - "Solana is Ethereum": SOL co-founder confused with statement

By Mike Hesp

"Solana is Ethereum": SOL co-founder confused with statement

Solana (SOL)
Ethereum (ETH)

Solana, the big Ethereum killer? On the contrary! Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko sees his chain as the big brother's sidekick.

Solana, the great Ethereum-killer? The co-founder of the blockchain, Anatoly Yakovenko, has dismissed this popular story several times. Now he has raised eyebrows on Twitter.

"Solana is Ethereum!" he announced there. Does Vitalik Buterin already know that?

What is actually meant is that the SOL founder sees his creation more as a sidekick to the number one smart contract company. The reason: interoperability.

This unwieldy term refers to the communication between and connection of different blockchains, often made possible by so-called bridges.

According to Yakovenko, Solana therefore also functions as a layer 2 solution to its big brother, for example through Wormhole. There, coins can be exchanged easily.

In the future, he foresees Ethereum being able to outsource some of its block production to the fast chain - via Danksharding.

In the past, the founder wrote on Twitter, "Don't bring back the Ethereum killer story. It's stupid (...). I don't see a future where Solana thrives and Ethereum dies."

Vitalik Buterin does not seem to see SOL as a threat either. On the contrary: after the collapse of FTX, which hit the "high-speed blockchain" particularly hard, he encouraged the community.

Solana is the best performing of the major altcoins this year, up nearly 1,000 percent. The has recently overtaken Ripple and then BNB. It currently stands at $112 and a market capitalization of nearly $50 billion.

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