News - Solana is running again - but for how long?

By Ted Maas

Solana is running again - but for how long?

Solana draait weer - maar voor hoe lang?

After several hours of outages, block production on Solana resumed. The course was not adversely affected. The incident again revealed weaknesses of Solana.

After five hours of waiting, the redeeming news came: the Solana network has resumed block production. Prior to this, Solana fans had a nail-biting experience - again. Yesterday's network outage was not the first and probably not the last. The blockchain has since failed, had to be stopped and restarted 11 times. It is not yet known what caused it this time. But once again the question arises of how stable the network actually is.

Blackout Solana remedied

Yesterday, Tuesday, a murmur went up through crypto Twitter. Solana, the hype blockchain of recent months, was no longer producing blocks. "Technicians from across the ecosystem are investigating a mainnet beta failure," Solana announced at noon. Soon after, a "new version of the validator software" was announced, "which had a patch to fix the problem that caused the cluster failure." Validators should "prepare to upgrade and reboot the network."

At 14:57 the excitement was over: "Production of blocks in the beta of the Solana mainnet has resumed." The outage lasted a total of five hours. "The main managers," Solana said, "are working on a report on the cause of the outage, which will be made available as soon as it is ready." No official statement has yet been issued.

History repeats itself

Until yesterday, Solana seemed to have his teething troubles under control. The last glitch was a year ago. In February 2023, a software update caused several forks and the "high-speed" blockchain slowed down. Two restarts were needed to get the network up and running again. In all, there have been 11 incidents on Solana over the past two years.

This has done little to diminish its image. Solana has recently experienced a real uptrend, fueled by several memecoins, airdrops and a strong performance by the cryptocurrency SOL. The price was not punished this time either. In fact, compared to the previous day, the cryptocurrency gained nearly two percent.

Still, Solana needs another explanation. Technical defects still do not seem to have been resolved. Solana operates on the principle of "trial and error." In terms of market capitalization, this is actually a bad joke.

The reason given is that Solana is still running in beta version. Problems just come with it. However, you only hear this argument when it serves as an excuse. If Solana wants to stay in the upper echelons, it must finally put an end to its problems. Yesterday's incident showed once again that the Solana tree is playing on the edge.

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