News - Solana: new Saga phone hopes for more airdrops

By Luc Vesters

Solana: new Saga phone hopes for more airdrops

When the Solana smartphone "Saga" reached its first customers on April 20 last year, there was initially no great hype. In the fall of last year, however, a major price rally began, which sent not only Bitcoin soaring in preparation for the spot ETF, but one currency in particular: Solana. In October, the "Ethereum Killer" was still around $20, and shortly after Christmas it reached its annual high of $125.

One beneficiary of this rally: the Solana memecoin BONK, which is up 933 percent over the year - even though it is currently trading nearly 60 percent below its all-time high, which it reached just last month. In the end, the BONK rally even led to the Solana smartphone Saga selling out so quickly that it was resold on eBay for many times more.

Because in addition to the hardware wallet and Web3 apps, the Saga brought something else with it: BONK Airdrops. With the rally around memecoin, some were even worth more than the actual cell phone price.

So it's no wonder the latest news is causing a stir, especially among airdrop fighters: Solana is bringing a Saga successor to market. Solana recently announced. Pre-orders can already be placed now. For a rate of US$450, you can get your ensuring a place in the "Founder Window" ("Closing soon!").

This initial pre-order phase will be followed by the "Early Adopter Window" and then the "Supporter Window." It is still unclear whether all three groups will receive equal compensation for their pre-orders. But there is undoubtedly much hope among airdrop hunters.

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