News - Solana overloaded? 3 out of 4 transactions fail

By Mike Hesp

Solana overloaded? 3 out of 4 transactions fail

Solana (SOL)

Transactions not being processed are piling up at Solana. Only one in four currently gets through. Bots could be responsible for this.

The Solana-network currently appears to be overloaded.

From data from Dune Analytics shows that about 75 percent of transactions in the network currently fail.

This is the highest error rate measured to date.

The reason could be the recent huge increase in trading activity with memecoins on the blockchain. Complaints from Solana users are already piling up on Twitter successor X.

Probably most of the transactions come from bots.

The number of failed transactions has increased 25 percent since March.

Compared to the previous day, the price of Solana fell five percent to $175.

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