News - Solana teases: LFG airdrop to poach Ethereum users

By Luc Vesters

Solana teases: LFG airdrop to poach Ethereum users

Course performance and network growth have recently earned the label of Solana highlighted as the "Ethereum killer." The goal now is to further narrow the gap with the largest smart contracts platform by hijacking users away. Those who sign up on time will benefit from the airdrop of the new LFG token. The acronym stands for "Less Fees and Gas" - a declaration of war on the sometimes costly use of the Ethereum network. "Vampire attacks" is the name given to such methods, which reward switching from one platform to another. As well as calling scammers on the scene.

Be careful with airdrop registration

As a type of promotional gift, airdrop tokens are not only cheaper to produce but also more effective than a pen or calendar. Users must meet certain requirements, such as having purchased other tokens in advance or traded them on a platform, and register on time. In return, there are sometimes nice rewards. Airdrops such as JTO's can yield returns of several thousand dollars.

However, if you want to qualify for the LFG airdrop, you need to look carefully. Apparently, there are fake sites. At Twitter reports Bill Lou that he "just got scammed for 125,000 StEth" when he tried to "claim the LFG airdrop." He had been redirected to a Medium post via a phishing link. Lou co-founded wallet provider Nestwallet. However, he used Metamask to register.

The project itself has a warning about scammers on X placed: "We know there are several scammer accounts posing as us." People should "not click on links from other sites" and "be careful with scammers."

"Ethereum killer" Solana gets serious

"Less Fees and Gas" is an attack on Ethereum in two ways. Not only the name is aimed at Ethereum's problem of scale. Users who have "spent at least USD 4,269 on gas and interacted with at least one common ETH protocol" are eligible for the airdrop. Anyone who has spent such high amounts on transaction fees alone could be tempted by Solana's lure.

A total of 387,000 wallets are eligible for the 400 billion tokens released for the airdrop. The registration period ends in a month. "All unclaimed LFG will be burned after that time." More than 45,000 wallets have now registered for the airdrop.

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