News - Solo Bitcoin miner again finds 6.25 BTC

By Mike Hesp

Solo Bitcoin miner again finds 6.25 BTC

It happened again: A solo Bitcoin miner found 6.25 BTC worth nearly 150,000 euros, despite very small odds.

A solo Bitcoin miner (bc1q2za4ejga366sn288273pty8trasn5zs4y9hqg6) has hit the bullseye again: He unloaded last Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023, block 803.821 up, earning a reward of 6.25 BTC, which at the time of writing is equivalent to just under 150,000 euros.

An extremely unlikely success: statistically, solo Bitcoin mining successfully awarded only once every seven years.

Con Kolivas, an administrator of, speculates on Twitter that the Solo Bitcoin miner used ten S17 series Antminers to earn the reward. Together, they would have a hashrate of about one PetaHash per second.

According to Kolivas, this is the 277th solo Bitcoin miner ever and the third this year at is a nonprofit organization that gives its members 98 percent of the BTC they mine. Contrary to its name, it is not a mining pool, but a service. It offers a home to Bitcoin miners who want to continue using their outdated equipment and "continue cryptomining as a lottery," as it says on the website. In June, one user had managed to get a Bitcoin Block Reward on hold.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin mining hashrate continues to reach new heights: Last weekend, it first climbed to 414 hashes per second, but has since fallen back to around 400 hashes per second.

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