News - Sport1 brings Web3 to German TV

By Luc Vesters

Sport1 brings Web3 to German TV

German TV channel Sport1 has announced a partnership with blockchain-based crowd and fan base management ecosystem Starzz. Sport1 aims to promote the crypto project with a large reach on both TV and cross-media. As mentioned in the July 4 press release, the two partners are also developing new approaches in the Web3 sector. For example, users of the platform must decide on the choice of a soccer club's jersey with exclusive voting rights.

As both companies focus on sports and entertainment, the cooperation is ideal for developing new use cases based on blockchain technology. Matthias Reichert, CCO and member of the executive board of Sport1 GmbH, tells BTC-ECHO:

We see sports as the ideal translator of technical capabilities into concrete and working use cases. Together with Starzz, our goal is to generate added value and thus acceptance among our users. The cooperation is based on three pillars: In addition to media volume, we want to create joint products and application areas for Web3 technology and network strategic partners.

Sport1 wants to implement the next project before the start of the Bundesliga - Aug. 18, 2023 - it is called "My Greatest Moments." In it, the greatest career highlights of some soccer legends, such as Stefan Effenberg, Andreas Brehme or Mario Basler, will be turned into digital collectibles. "In addition, we are currently working on another Web3 project about darts," Reichert stressed upon request.

Sport1 Partner for Web3: How Starzz Works

Like the NFT project Sorare, Starzz aims to improve the relationship between so-called " champions " - such as clubs, athletes or celebrities - and their communities. This is to be done through the platform, which promotes "unique services for the ultimate fan experience." The launch is scheduled for December 2023.

Using special Champion tokens, fans can buy exclusive voting rights in polls launched by stars. These can range from choosing a soccer team's jersey for next season to deciding the songs on a musician's "best of" album, according to the announcement. In addition, Starzz is planning its own usage plug-in (SRZ). According to the website, private sales have already been completed. The Starzz team will retain about 12 percent of the 3 billion SRZ tokens.

Furthermore, there are already preliminary contracts with selected champions, which will not be announced until the launch of the platform, Marco Kowalewski, founder of Starzz LLC, told BTC-ECHO. The goal is 18 champions - the company is currently on track.

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