News - Swiss UBS AG uses blockchain for bond distribution

By Mike Hesp

Swiss UBS AG uses blockchain for bond distribution

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UBS AG is de eerste financiële instelling die een digitale obligatie uitgeeft die openbaar zal worden verhandeld op zowel op blockchain-gebaseerde als traditionele beurzen.

The bank plans to distribute its new bond through various channels. It is using blockchain technology for the first time.

UBS AG is the first financial institution to issue a digital bond that will be publicly traded on both blockchain-based and traditional exchanges. The bank reported this in a press release. The "senior unsecured bond" is priced at 375 million Swiss francs.

Beatriz Martin, wealth manager at UBS AG, said, "We are proud to use distributed ledger technology to launch UBS's first digital bond."

The bond (ISIN: CH1228837865) is a debt security, he said. It aims to enable UBS investors to "invest in a digital bond regardless of whether they have blockchain infrastructure".

Switzerland seems further motivated at the crypto level. Recently, the city of Lugano partnered with El Salvador.

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