News - Tax evasion fails: FBI seizes 30,000 Ethereum

By Luc Vesters

Tax evasion fails: FBI seizes 30,000 Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH)
Scams, crime and fraud

The U.S. Attorney's Office in New Jersey seized about $54 million in cryptocurrencies from an imprisoned former drug trafficker in early November. According to the now published file Christopher Castelluzzo tried to move 30,000 Ethereum out of jail to avoid taxes.

"Castelluzzo is currently serving a 20-year federal and state prison sentence for a drug trafficking conviction," the authorities. The FBI managed to thwart Castelluzzo's plan and seized the prisoner's crypto wallet.

Law enforcement agencies around the world are using blockchain to identify criminals. At least the transparent nature of these systems simplifies the search for clues. Federal investigators are also increasingly using blockchain technology to hunt cryptocriminals.

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