News - De Telekom validates blockchain with attention to privacy

By Mike Hesp

De Telekom validates blockchain with attention to privacy

The Telekom is exploring the world of cryptocurrency. Together with Aleph Zero, they want to create the "Internet of Values."

Telekom MMS will become a validator in Aleph Zero's network and make its infrastructure available. This is according to a press release. According to the press release, Aleph Zero and Telekom are working together on a "secure Internet of Values."

In addition, Telekom's subsidiary has established a validator node in both the main network and the test network, contributing to the collective security, governance and decentralization of Aleph Zero.

"Incidents such as hacks and security breaches have shown how important security, data protection and decentralization are in the Web3", explains Dirk Röder, Head of Blockchain at Telekom MMS.

In addition to Ethereum, Polygon and other platforms, the company is now betting on Aleph Zero to highlight its enterprise-level scaling potential.

The Layer-1-blockchain from Aleph Zero is based on the AlephBFT consensus protocol and helps secure data and transactions using data protection technologies such as Zero-Knowledge-Proofs.

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