News - Tether plans to launch tokenization platform

By Mike Hesp

Tether plans to launch tokenization platform

Tether (ERC-20) (USDT)

From stablecoins to tokenization: Tether is expanding its business into one of the most popular trends in the crypto sector. Here's what's behind it.

Tether, the world's largest publisher of stablecoins, is expanding its own service offerings. As CEO Paolo Ardoino announced on X (formerly Twitter), the company plans to launch its own tokenization platform.

From "government bonds, stocks and funds to reward points in cafes," the platform can be used to "tokenize everything," Ardoino said.

In addition, the platform is non-custodial, supports multiple networks and asset classes, and has a high degree of adaptability.

However, Ardoino did not specify when the platform would be made available to the general public.

In the past, Tether has ventured into different areas. For example, the stablecoin company has also focused on Bitcoin mining.

USDT, however, remains the company's flagship product. The stablecoin currently has a market capitalization of $107 billion, giving it its dwarfs competitors.

However, USDT from Tether is also associated with criminal activity. The US Treasury recently published a letter about this. You can read what Ardoino thinks of the allegations here: Is Tether in the crosshairs of the US?

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