News - The 4 investment tips from the founder of Ethereum

By Mike Hesp

The 4 investment tips from the founder of Ethereum

For a change, Vitalik Buterin himself gives the basics of his own financial management. Here's what he advises his followers.

Crypto founders don't usually give investment advice to their followers. But this is exactly what the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, did.

Apparently, he was prompted to do so by a blogger's tweet denouncing portfolio diversification. Buterin replied to X on Jan. 7, 2024.

He declared this advice "terrible." Instead, he advised his followers to diversify as much as possible. Diversification is therefore "good."

Buterin also advised saving. You should therefore "get to a point where you have enough to cover several years of expenses." Because "financial security is freedom," he said.

The founder of blockchain, which has grown by thousands of percent since its inception, also believes that a boring portfolio is ideal. At the very least, most of his equity should not be subject to extreme fluctuations, as is the case with many altcoins.

Last but not least were cautionary words for aggressive traders. Buterin considers more than double leverage an absolute no-go. "Just don't do it," he urged.

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