News - As of now, the Cardano wallet called Lace is fully open source.

By Mike Hesp

As of now, the Cardano wallet called Lace is fully open source.

Cardano has had its own cryptowallet called "Lace" since May. Its developers have now made the software open source.

De cryptowallet Lace is open source as of now. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson announced that on May 31 at Twitter. Lace was designed by Input Output Global (IOG), which is the development team behind the Cardano ecosystem. The Lace wallet has only been available for a few weeks.

Lace is a browser wallet and is similar in structure and user interface to market leader Metamask's wallet. With Lace 1.0, users can send and receive Cardano, its own ADA token, Cardano NFTs and native Cardano tokens. ADA Staking is also possible.

After the fiasco regarding a new feature at Ledger, wallet providers are now trying to restore confidence in their products. One strategy they are adopting is to open source the program code of the wallet software. Ledger has also announced plans in that direction....

As response On the controversy surrounding Ledger Hoskinson spoke in favor of making the source code public. In doing so, he advised users: "If possible, always choose open source software that has been regularly verified by numerous sources."

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