News - The top 200 fintechs: these crypto companies are among them

By Mike Hesp

The top 200 fintechs: these crypto companies are among them

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The crypto industry remains an emerging sector. The list of the world's leading fintechs includes several prominent representatives.

The news portal CNBC, in collaboration with the research institute Statista, has compiled a list of the 200 most important fintechs. Among them are some crypto projects.

Statista has analyzed more than 1,500 companies in various market segments and rated each one based on a number of key performance indicators. For example, revenue, user numbers and total funds raised.

Among others, the following crypto companies made it into the top 200: Binance, BitMart, Bitpanda, Coinbase, DapperLabs, eToro, OpenSea and Ripple.

Ripple President Monica Long expressed pride when it was announced that her company had secured a spot in CNBC's ranking of the world's best fintech companies.

Statista developed a scoring model for the companies "by calculating aggregate scores on the companies' performance against their respective KPIs (e.g., revenue and revenue per employee), as well as a separate score on the companies' performance against specific KPIs in their respective market segments."

The full list is here find.

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