News - This is how Memecoins react to the TV debate between Trump and Biden

By Mike Hesp

This is how Memecoins react to the TV debate between Trump and Biden

There was much to discuss during the first televised debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The topic of crypto was not on the agenda. Yet Memecoins reacted vehemently.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump faced off in the first TV debate yesterday. Looking at prices in the crypto market, one of the two clearly came out the loser. The Memecoin Jeo Boden, a mocking reference to Joe Biden, rose by 38% decreased. By comparison, the price of the Trump-Memecoin MAGA fell only six percent.

NATO, the war in Ukraine, abortion, migration, election fraud: the thematic spectrum of the TV debate was broad. On crypto, the two presidential candidates did not lose a word in 90 minutes. Yet the subject has recently become increasingly political. The crypto industry in the US has been protesting the Biden administration for months. It is accused of trying to stifle the industry with strict legislation.

Gary Gensler in particular, who was appointed head of the SEC under Biden, has been the target of repeated hostilities. Leaders of major corporations such as Jesse Powell of Kraken, the Winklevoss twins behind the crypto exchange Gemini, and the CEOs of mining companies RiotPlatforms and Cleanspark openly sympathize with Donald Trump.

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