News - "Today we connect Solana to the entire Internet."

By Luc Vesters

"Today we connect Solana to the entire Internet."

Websites, apps, social media platforms and QR codes: These will all be future applications for crypto transactions on the Solana blockchain.

The Solana Foundation is activating two new features for this purpose. The first tool, "Actions," enables on-chain transactions. In addition, "Blinks" - a compound of the words blockchain and links - is being introduced, converting these applications into shareable links. This allows users to insert and share transactions via a URL across all websites, social media platforms and QR codes.

"Actions and Blinks on Solana allow every Web site and application on the Internet to become a distribution point for on-chain interactions. This helps the goal of mainstream adoption" explained Jon Wong of the Solana Foundation. "Today we are connecting Solana to the entire Internet," the Solana Foundation announced big time at X.

Meanwhile, SOL's price is currently trading at $137.

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