News - TON Network increasingly victimized by phishing attacks

By Mike Hesp

TON Network increasingly victimized by phishing attacks

According to a blockchain security expert, the TON network associated with Telegram is awash in phishing attacks.

Although it was originally considered one of the most promising tokens of the current crypto market phase, the TON-network is currently facing serious allegations.

So writes blockchain security expert Yu Xian on Twitter That there are "more and more phishing attacks in the TON ecosystem" that threaten Telegram and TON users.

These attacks, according to SlowMist's founder, are caused by the way the TON network functions, which makes it easy for attackers to penetrate groups and spread their phishing links.

Among other things, the victims are lured with the promise of airdrops, which, however, never happen. The attackers' target is the wallets of TON users.

Another criticism Xian raises is the anonymized numbers introduced in 2022, which allow Telegram accounts to be created without a SIM card. If these accounts were to fall into the hands of attackers, not only the wallets but also the Telegram accounts could be stolen.

According to blockchain analytics platform DeFiLlama, the TON network currently includes one Total Value Locked worth more than US$630 million, representing 4,500 percent growth since the beginning of 2024 - a prime opportunity for attackers.

By the way, this is not the first time crypto-security experts have warned about the dangers of the TON ecosystem. As recently as April of this year, experts from the security firm Kaspersky warned of a similar phishing scam.

The largest tokens in the TON ecosystem include Notcoin and 41 other coins in addition to the native cryptocurrency Toncoin.

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