News - Trezor wallet warns customers of security breach

By Luc Vesters

Trezor wallet warns customers of security breach

The provider of wallets Trezor warns users in a official declaration for possible phishing attacks. The reason is a "security incident dated Jan. 17, 2024" related to "unauthorized access to the support portal," Trezor said.

According to the blog, sensitive data of customers who have contacted Trezor's customer service since Dec. 2021 have apparently been compromised. This includes personal data such as email address and name. According to the wallet operator, this affects only a small portion of its user base, but still more than 60,000 customers.

All users are advised to be cautious of emails and other notifications from the wallet provider. Attackers often send misleading notifications, for example that users should back up their wallets by entering their secret recovery phrase. This is a clear warning sign because Trezor would never ask for such data, they say.

However, Trezor assured that the wallet itself and the cryptos stored in it "are as secure today as they were yesterday." Administrators of crypto wallets and their customers are constantly targeted by hackers and cybercriminals. Just last month, a vulnerability in Ledger's code caused significant risks to many DeFi users.

In addition, a large-scale hack of the Atomic wallet in June 2023 damages totaling US$35 million.

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