News - Tron founder reveals Bitcoin holdings and causes confusion

By Luc Vesters

Tron founder reveals Bitcoin holdings and causes confusion

Bitcoin (BTC)

Tron founder Justin Sun shared his personal Bitcoin possession made public. The 33-year-old posted a screenshot of his HTX wallet on X (formerly Twitter). On it is just under 28,613 BTC worth just over US$1.62 billion.

With this move, he wanted to address criticism that had previously come from the crypto community. There were accusations that Sun was increasingly withdrawing from HTX (formerly Huobi). He is closely associated with the crypto exchange. Not only does the Tron founder publicly present himself as a supporter and investor, he also has an advisory role with the company.

Specifically, he said, "I use almost all the major exchanges and am an advocate of them. If someone says I rarely use, that's not true. I use it a lot."

Some, however, did not really believe this explanation. A control of HTX's total holdings revealed that the exchange owns less Bitcoin (about US$1.34 billion) than Sun mentioned in his screenshot.

For crypto lawyer Adam Cochran, this fact allows only three conclusions: "Either (the screenshot, editor's note) is fake or HTX has no real users or it passes off their assets as its own."

In general, Sun has a somewhat dodgy reputation. On the one hand, some consider him a "brilliant visionary," while on the other there are repeated accusations against the founder of Tron. From fraud to alleged bankruptcy, almost everything was involved.

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