News - Trump clear ahead of Biden on crypto betting platform

By Mike Hesp

Trump clear ahead of Biden on crypto betting platform

The presidential race is getting more and more exciting. After the failed TV debate, Trump is clearly ahead of President Biden at Polymarket.

In exactly four months, the US Voted. For months, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been fighting a fierce battle for the Oval Office.

For the Republican challenger, the signs are better than ever for a re-entry into the White House, which is also reflected in the current listings on Polymarket.

The crypto betting platform now puts Donald Trump's chances of an election victory at 61%.

Far behind: the Democratic opposing candidates. Interestingly, Vice President Kamala Harris is still ahead of Joe Biden with 16%, who is third with 12%.

There are currently lively debates over whether the incumbent should continue his campaign against Donald Trump. In last week's live TV debate, Biden seemed tired. He kept getting caught up in wording and sometimes left sentences unfinished.

According to media reports, parts of the US Democrats have been calling internally for Biden's replacement. Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom, among others, are mentioned as potential candidates.

According to a poll shortly after the debate, a majority of independent observers said Trump had clearly won the debate.

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