News - Trump NFTs: Melania sells Independence Day NFTs

By Mike Hesp

Trump NFTs: Melania sells Independence Day NFTs

After former President Donald Trump's questionable NFT collections, the former First Lady is now following suit with a digital collection for Independence Day celebrations.

Melania Trump brings a NFT-collection out to celebrate Independence Day, which marks its 247th anniversary on July 4. Under the name "The 1776 Collection," interested parties can purchase digital collector's items for US$50 each.

The collection consists of 3,500 copies and shows animated images of famous American landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore. On a technical level, the NFTs are based on the Solana blockchain.

"Each piece offers a glimpse into our nation's history, culture and patriotism," Melania Trump told Fox News.

Just two months ago, former President Donald Trump had his second NFT series published. The images show Trump himself in various costumes and heroic poses.

Owners of the "artwork" could also win several prizes. These included a dinner with the former president.

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays in the United States. The celebration begins annually on July 4.

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