News - Trump wants Bitcoin "Made in the USA

By Mike Hesp

Trump wants Bitcoin "Made in the USA

Former President Trump excites Bitcoin mining industry and promises support. What his "Made in the USA" BTC plan means.

Last Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with leading representatives of the mining industry in Mar-a-Lago. During the event, he reaffirmed his intention to support the industry.

After the meeting, his campaign team posted on TruthSocial that Bitcoin mining was the last line of defense against a CBDC. Biden's policy toward BTC would only help China, Russia and the "radical left."

The ex-president also expressed appreciation for the role of Bitcoin miners in stabilizing the U.S. energy grid. Executives from CleanSpark and Riot attended the meeting, including Bloomberg reports.

"We want all remaining Bitcoin to be mined in the US. This will help us be energy-dominant," the message from the Trump campaigners continues.

According to the Bitcoin mining map from the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, about 38 percent of the global hashrate comes from the United States. This makes the U.S. mining industry significantly larger than China's.

The Republican appears to have won over Matthew Schulz of CleanSpark. He posted a photo with Trump on Twitter and wrote: "I just met a guy who is a big fan of Bitcoin and loves what we do at CleanSpark."

Brian Morgenstern, head of public policy at Riot Platforms, declared also, "Great conversation today with President Trump about the importance of Bitcoin mining and energy wealth in the U.S."

Trump thus continues to court the crypto industry, which is expected to actively support his election campaign. This makes Bitcoin an important issue in U.S. politics. Still, forecasters think the price will not rise above the $75k will rise before election.

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