News - Uniswap launches browser extension

By Ted Maas

Uniswap launches browser extension

Users of Uniswap can now use the decentralized exchange's wallet as an extension in their browser. The extension should "revolutionize" interactivity with the platform. Uniswap announced this in a blog post last night.

The extension allows users to exchange assets, sign transactions and trade cryptocurrencies. Anyone who wants to use the wallet must register on a waiting list. This requires claiming a uni.eth username. According to a company spokesperson, access should then be activated within four to six weeks. Not such an easy process yet, then.

In addition, Uniswap now integrates limit orders into its platform. This allows buy and sell orders to be automatically executed at a specific price. The decentralized exchange is also launching a data page where users can track charts, pool data and transaction histories. Uniswap recently made headlines. The platform announced it would distribute revenue from transaction fees to users who delegate or deploy assets.

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