News - Uniswap raises rates sharply

By Mike Hesp

Uniswap raises rates sharply

Uniswap (UNI)
Laws and regulations

Uniswap is preparing for the legal dispute with the SEC. In return, the decentralized exchange is raising its own trading costs sharply.

Uniswap appears to want to fill its war chest in the wake of the impending legal dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Therefore, the decentralized exchange is raising the platform's trading fees. This is evident from a blog post.

Instead of the previous 0.15 percent, users who want to exchange cryptocurrencies on Uniswap must now pay 0.25 percent.

Swaps of stablecoins operating on the same network, such as USDT to USDC, are exempt from the fee.

Or the exchange of derivatives to the original token, such as WETH to ETH.

Uniswap says it needs the additional revenue to "operate sustainably." However, in view of the upcoming legal dispute with the SEC, it should be clear where the money is likely to go.

Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it would approve Uniswap wanted to take a closer look in her own investigations. To that end, the authority had filed a so-called "Wells Notice" with Uniswap Labs.

Experts had already expected this move. Uniswap had previously presented a plan to allow users to share in the platform's fees in the future. A thorn in the SEC's side.

Meanwhile, the news caused the company's own token, UNI, to collapse. The price fell further in the wake of the crypto sell-off following the Iranian attack on Israel over the weekend.

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